Cemdesk is the cloud based ERP software specifically designed by and for Cambridge English Exam Centres.

By using one single tool, you will simplify, modify and standardize all administrative, financial or logistical procedures derived from Cambridge Exams.

Cemdesk is a permanently updated and developed solution, which uses as main guidelines, the parameters set by Cambridge English Language Assessment and by its users opinions (exam centres).

  • Intuitive interface.
  • Automated functions.
  • Multiuser.
  • Customizable.
  • Multi-language.
  • Accessibility: manageable from mobile devices.
  • Security: maximum protection of the data in Cemdesk.


Cemdesk offers a set of features that will help you in the comprehensive management of your Exam centre and will enable you to involve the staff of your exams, preparation centres and candidates becoming actively involved in the optimization of certain processes as well as receiving more support and a better service.

  • Economic and billing management.
  • Human resources management
  • Exam session management: planning, venues, classrooms, staff, enrolments, candidates.
  • Document management.
  • Messaging service and notifications.
  • Private menu for individual users (candidates, staff, preparation centres).



Standardisation of administrative processes


Simplification of paperwork and record keeping, elimination of duplications and prevention of errors

Time saving

Enhancement of work performed as quickly and efficiently as possible


User control, detection of incorrect data, traceability of modifications


Increase of staff productivity

Cost saving

The optimisation of recourses contributed to cost saving and economic growth

Cost variabilization

Fixed costs become variable costs


Scattered data vs. Information, developing the decision-making process of the CEO/CEM

About us

Together Everyone Achieves More

Cemdesk stems from the real need for manage in a more efficient and optimal way all those processes which occur in a Cambridge English Exam Centre in an increasingly complex and competitive environment.

The project arises from the strategic alliance between two Exam Centres with an extensive track record and distinctive features different from each other, thus allowing Cemdesk to cover in a comprehensive and effective manner the reality and needs of the Exam Centre, irrespective of the peculiarities of the organization.

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Last news

CEMDESK has reached 300,000 enrolments

From the CEMDESK team, we are pleased to announce that we have managed more than 300,000 enrolments through our software since we launched this exciting project. What does this represent? The confirmation that CEMDESK is a thoroughly tested tool, with intuitive navigation, in which safety and quality are paramount. A software that has been growing […]

CEMDESK includes the official Cambridge Assessment English calendar

Last December, CEMDESK has included the official Cambridge Assessment English calendar through an API. An API is a system that allows communication between two applications, in this case, between Cambridge Assessment English and CEMDESK. Thus, when a new session is registered in CEMDESK, through which enrolments will be received, the official dates available for the […]

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